Books about Naval Architecture

What are some good book recommendations about Naval Architecture (hydrodynamics, structures and stability)?


For general Naval Architecture with brief reference on all related subjects (hydrodynamics, structures, stability etc.) :

  • Basic Ship Theory (Volume I & II) - E.C. Tupper
  • Principles of Naval Architecture - Edward V. Lewis
  • The Maritime Engineering Reference Book - Anthony A. Molland

For Hydrodynamics (Resistance & Propulsion):

  • Hydrodynamics in Ship Design - Harold E. Saunders (SNAME)
  • Basic Principles of Ship Propulsion - MAN Energy Solutions (Report)
  • Ship Resistance and Propulsion (Practical Estimation of Ship Propulsive Power) - Anthony A. Molland
  • Resistance and Propulsion of Ships - Sv. Aa. Harvald
  • Design of Propulsion and Electric Power Generation Systems - D. Stapersma (IMarEST)
  • Experimental Methods in Marine Hydrodynamics (Lecture Notes) - Sverre Steen (better understanding on model tests)

For Marine Structures:

  • Design Principles of Ships and Marine Structures - S.C. Misra
  • Design of Ship Hull Structures (A Practical Guide for Engineers) - Yasushisa Okumoto et al.

Old Historical Books about Naval Architecture (for extra reading :slight_smile: )

  • Theoretical Naval Architecture - Edward L. Attwood
  • A Treatise on Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding - Commander Richard W. Meade
  • On the Rolling of Ships - William Froude

Thanks George, nice feedback!

In addition to the above books provided by @George.Liadis, some extra books I enjoyed are

  • Applied Naval Architecture, by Robert Zubaly

  • Ships and Science: The Birth of Naval Architecture in the Scientific Revolution, 1600-1800, by Larrie D. Ferreiro

  • Bouguer’s monumental book Trait du navire (Treatise of the Ship)

  • Worthy of the Sea: K. Aage Nelson and his Legacy of Yacht Design, By Maynard Bray and Tom Jackson


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