Career in shipping

Some friends ask me whether they should pursue a career in shipping, mainly from a technical perspective. What are your views?


Hi @Philip.Argyropoulos
A career in shipping offers a brought horizon of opportunities in several sectors.
Starting your career from a technical perspective provides an advantage to the next steps even if someone would like to change sector. I find interesting the technical troubleshooting part. As engineers, we seek to find solutions to problems, and the technical background builts this solution-oriented mentality. Also, exposure to different technical tasks provides one with flexibility and adaptability skills. Apart the technical knowledge, such soft skills can benefit someone’s career and personal life.


I believe a career in shipping is a fascinating path with many difficulties though. Most specifically, in my point of view the technical aspect is the core of the industry and the most demaning one. It involves significant amount of pressure, on the spot-decisions , accountability and the individual will have to be available around the clock. On the other hand, in terms of benefits the sector as a whole and specifically technical department offers a relatively good salary and benefits, while each day can be different both in the office or in the vessel. To sum up, I believe it is worth to start a career in shipping and as @Stela.Spiraj mentioned, the technical background will provide the individual “heads-up” to other candidates in case he/she wants to move to any other sector (i.e. finance/chartering etc.).