Control of biofouling on ships’ hulls to enter Australian or New Zealand waters

To avoid further delays from port congestion in New Zealand and Australia, vessel ship managers should consider Biofouling management.

New Zealand

All vessels arriving in New Zealand must provide evidence of biofouling management before arrival.

  • Short-stay ships: Undertaking continual hull maintenance using best practices
  • Long-stay ships: Cleaning the hull and niche areas within 30 days before arrival in New Zealand
  • Ships for refit or repairs: Book an appointment for the vessel to be hauled out and cleaned by an MPI-approved treatment supplier within 24 hours of arrival.


There are new requirements for managing biofouling for international vessels arriving in Australia from 15 June 2022. Ships need to comply with one of the following three accepted biofouling management practices:

  1. Implementation of an effective biofouling management plan; or
  2. Cleaned all biofouling within 30 days before arriving in Australian territory; or
  3. Implementation of an alternative biofouling management method pre-approved by the Department of Agriculture, Water, and Environment.

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