Innovation Outlook Renewable Methanol by IRENA

Hello Queseanians,

I found an interesting publication called “INNOVATION OUTLOOK RENEWABLE METHANOL” published by IRENA in 2021.

The figure below shows the different methods of methanol production. Although there isn’t a standard color code for each type of methanol production process, this illustration suggests various types of methanol based on feedstock and energy sources.

Renewable methanol production costs are much higher than the costs of producing methanol from natural gas or coal. The current production costs for natural gas and coal-based methanol are between USD 100-250/t. However, with the use of the most cost-effective feedstocks and improvements in production processes, it is possible to reduce the cost of renewable methanol production. This can be achieved through biomass or MSW gasification, or by using CO2 and renewable hydrogen. With these advancements, the cost of producing renewable methanol could become comparable to the cost of methanol from fossil fuels. See the below figure for a visual representation.

IRENA_Innovation_Renewable_Methanol_2021.pdf (2.8 MB)


Thanks @Stela.Spiraj for sharing this info.
It significantly enhanced my comprehension of the distinctions between Blue Methanol and E-Methanol when produced through renewable electricity sources.

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