Recommended Procedures for Measuring Underwater Radiated Noise Emissions of Ships for Quiet Ship Certification

Hello Queseanians,

Here is an interesting document providing recommended procedures for measuring underwater radiated noise emissions of ships for quiet ship certification.

Recommended+Procedures+for+Measuring+URN+Noise+Emissions+of+Ships±+Final.pdf (799.0 KB)

The main objectives of measuring underwater radiated noise emissions of ships are:

  1. To assess and quantify the noise levels produced by ships in the underwater environment.
  2. To evaluate the impact of ship noise on marine ecosystems and marine life, including marine mammals, fish, and invertebrates.
  3. To identify and mitigate the potential negative effects of ship noise on marine organisms, such as disruption of communication, feeding, mating, and migration patterns.
  4. To establish standards and guidelines for ship noise emissions, promoting quieter ship designs and technologies.
  5. To support the development of quiet ship certification programs and notations, which recognize and incentivize ships with low noise emissions.
  6. To facilitate comparisons between different ships and their noise emissions, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding ship selection and operation.
  7. To contribute to the overall understanding of underwater noise pollution and its ecological implications.
  8. To provide data for research and scientific studies on underwater acoustics and its effects on marine environments.

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