Actions in case of missing bunker analysis

Let’s say that the analysis of a particular fuel stored onboard is not available and that the vessel has to switch to this fuel due to non-availability of another grade. What would be a proposed action plan in this case?

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In such a case, since the vessel will have no option but to consume the fuel until the receipt of the analysis report, the operators should treat this batch with suspicion and take extra safety precautions such as: very thorough purification at minimum input rate and high temperature, frequent drainage of the tanks, close monitoring of the performance of the fuel oil filters and reduction of the de-sludging interval as necessary, close monitoring of the performance of the M/E and D/Gs. It is always recommended to have the 2nd standby Diesel Generator on always on MGO mode so as to safeguard the power generation system of the vessel in case of contaminated bunkers.


I would also add; to carry out on board drain oil analysis (in case the kit is supplied onboard) on a daily basis to evaluate the Iron particles concentration on the engine. Additionally, I would also suggest, if possible a scavenge inspection to be carried out prior placing the stem in service and after a couple of days (interval could be minimised based on other findings, DP pressure on filters, clogging in the transfer pump filters if any etc.). Furthermore, the operators’ could seek guidance from their fuel analysis provider to advise if any issues were reported, in stems bunkered from the same supplier/area, as the stem under question.