Alfa Laval (Aalborg) boilers - Emergency operation

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The familiarity of the engine crew with the operation of the auxiliary boilers of oil tankers in emergency mode, in case of failure of the automation and control systems (partial or full), is of great importance.

Attached is a set of instructions. They can be used as a guidance, however it is always recommended to check the actual arrangement onboard.

Emergency operation Double fuel oil system.pdf (391.9 KB)
Emergency operation on MGO Single line system.pdf (351.9 KB)

Good information.

Given the high commercial cost and high probability of boiler (control) failures, I would like to see companies implementing real boiler em’cy mode drills for their engineers (similar to em’cy steering, em’cy ME operation, etc.).

Reading through instructions is one thing, but having actually performed it in the past gives a different level of confidence to the operator.

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@jstat Fully agree!