Biofuels - NOx emissions

Do Biofuels increase the NOx emissions?


Hello @Oswald.Alving

Similar to other types of engines, the impact of biofuels on NOx emissions in marine engines can vary depending on several factors, such as the engine type and design, the fuel composition, and the operating conditions.

Generally, many marine engines can accommodate various fuel qualities, including biofuels, without changing the NOx critical components or settings.

However, for blends of more than 30% of biofuel, it is essential to obtain confirmation from the NOx Technical File provider before using biofuels to ensure they meet the necessary performance criteria. This is particularly important for slow-speed 2-stroke engines and larger 4-stroke medium-speed engines designed to burn a broad range of distillate and residual marine fuels.

By obtaining such confirmation, ship operators can ensure that the use of biofuels in these engines is safe, efficient, and compliant with relevant regulations.