Books about shipping finance and shipping economics

Hi everyone, which books have you come across in shipping finance and shipping economics? I am looking to expand my book collection :blush:


Iā€™d recommend the classics for a start:
-Maritime Economics by Martin Stopford
-Shipping Finance: Credit expansion and boom-bust cycle by Peter Stokes
-Shipping Derivatives and Risk Management by Amir Alizadeh and Nikos Nomikos
-The International Handbook of Shipping Finance by Ilias Visvikis and Manolis Kavussanos


Iā€™d also recommend :slight_smile:
-Ship Building, Sale and Finance by Baris Soyer, Andrew Tettenborn
-The Blackwell Companion to Maritime Economics by Wayne K. Talley
-The Handbook of Maritime Economics and Business by Costas Grammenos
-Economics of Maritime Business by Shuo Ma
-Maritime Economics: A Macroeconomic Approach by E. Karakitsos and L. Varnavides
-The Business of Shipping by Ira Breskin
-Port Economics by Wayne K. Talley

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