Carbon capture and storage systems

What is Carbon Capture, and which are three major methods for carbon capture systems?


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There are three processes to capture CO2 deriving from fossil fuel or biomass combustion.

  1. pre-combustion capture
  2. oxyfuel combustion capture
  3. post-combustion capture

(Photo source: Storing CO2 underground by IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme)

Most of the current CC research developments in marine are utilizing either the pre or the post-combustion.

Regarding post-combustion, the technology can be developed in the existing experience of exhaust gas cleaning systems. Thus, we expect to become available sooner than some of the low/zero-carbon fuels. Following the news, Korea is very active in this development.

However, one of the main challenges is the port infrastructure and the receiving units for the underground or ocean storage of the CO2.

Here is an interesting table summarizing the maturity of the CCS technologies in x, for reference.

(Photo source: ICCP report on CCUS)


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There is a good book by Howard Herzog, an MIT engineer who has been studying the carbon capture technologies for more than 40 years.