State of the Art: Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Technologies 2023

Hello Queseanians,

The Global CCS Institute recently published the State of the Art: CCS Technologies 2023, a comprehensive compendium on carbon capture technology. This report offers valuable insights from over 45 prominent specialists in the field.

In addition to exploring various CCS technologies, the compendium also delves into transportation and storage solutions provided by different companies, and features a dedicated section on full-value-chain solutions.

There are interesting technologies in this report, but two things caught my attention more.

First, throughout the report, it is mentioned that there will be a need to transport the captured CO2 via ships. There is no doubt that the captured CO2 will soon be treated as a commodity and the fleet of liquefied CO2 carriers will increase.

Secondly, in shipping, we are currently concerned about decarbonizing ships with a main focus on air decarbonization. However, I find the Direct Ocean Capture approach highlighted in this report to be really interesting. It harnesses the carbon removal powers of oceans without contributing to ocean acidification, which draws attention to ocean carbon removal. The concept is to remove CO2 from the ocean to effectively ‘make room’ for the ocean to then draw down additional CO2 from the atmosphere.

The following image summarizes the companies per business sector included in the report.

You can find the report here:
State-of-the-Art-CCS-Technologies-2023-GCCSI-Final_compressed.pdf (15.0 MB)

I invite you to read the report and let me know which technology has caught your attention.


Hello Stela,

Thanks for sharing this. I find intresting the KC8 Capture Technologie solution that utilizes a novel
precipitating potassium carbonate (K2CO3) solvent, enabled through patented solids tolerant absorber design.


Nice! This document includes so many different comercially available options for CCS. Thanks for sharing!