Cylinder unit Isolation in ME-C M/E

What is the cylinder unit isolation procedure in MAN-ES ME-C Main Engines?

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In an emergency situation, the fuel booster pumps of electronically-controlled MAN ES M/E can be isolated only through the MOP - Chief Limiters, by reducing the Chief Index limit to 0 (see the below screenshot). This is what we call disabling of combustion.
As far as the exhaust valve operation is concerned, in most cases, its operation must remain “Enabled” in order to maintain a partial engine balance. However, this is not a “rule”.
There are cases where the exhaust valve operation must be “Disabled” and kept locked open or closed.
You should always consult the relevant chapter in the M/E manual “How to take a cylinder unit out of operation”
As soon as a cylinder unit is isolated then you should look at the additional M/E Barred Speed Range (BSR) due to one cylinder out of operation and instruct the vessel’s Master and C/E to avoid operation within this additional BSR.
This is usually mentioned in the Calculation of Torsional Vibration (not in the M/E manual)


Hi! Maybe someone can share the ERROR screen, what parameters are displayed on the MOP panel when the cylinder is turned off… And the second point, if you can give information on the maximum engine load when the cylinder is turned off, depending on the type of engine and the number of cylinders. thanks in advance .BRGDS

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