MAN ES ME (electronically controlled) M/E HPS pumps

Can an electronically controlled MAN ES M/E run normally with 1 out of the 3 HPS pumps in “fail” mode?


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The electronic control Engines ME-C can be operated with only one pump out of the 3, in fully operational condition, provided that the issue originates from electronic or cabling issue and not mechanical faults internally or in the supporting equipment of the failing engine driven hydraulic pump.

Meaning that if the control of the hydraulic pump fails for other than mechanical issue, let’s say a faulty proportional valve, then internally the swash plate is forced to 100% AHEAD direction by mechanical/hydraulic means.

The problem will come during maneuvering especially in ASTERN direction, in such cases where the load and RPM are low the electric driven pumps may take over and depending on the individual circumstances problems may arise with low hydraulic pressure alarms. The hydraulic integrity of the whole system is playing a significant role as well.
With 2 available hydraulic pumps the system may be operating normally in most cases.