Fuel impurities

Following a seminar on bunker fuel quality during which the importance of clean fuel was underlined as a crucial factor for the proper operation of the main engine and its pumps I would like to ask: why is it more preferable to constantly test the quality (before and after the purifiers etc) of the fuel on board instead of using in line purifiers to remove the maximum possible amount of solid impurities and water and therefore avoid incidents (excessive wear of moving parts of engine, water in the fuel etc.) ?

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Before / after purifier sampling is done in order to determine the cleaning efficiency of the fuel oil purifiers. This is known as purifier efficiency test.
In this way the operators are be able to know whether the purifier is removing the impurities from the fuel, such as cat fines, water etc. as it should.
It is not preferable over in-line purification, it is just an additional measure.