How to decarbonize shipping? Current and future challenges (from the shipowner's perspective)

A presentation summarizing the challenges and dilemmas that shipowners are facing in view of the decarbonization of the shipping industry.


How to decarbonize shipping - Nov 2022 (002).pdf (815.6 KB)


Great post, thanks @nostromo!

In my opinion, offsetting carbon emissions via policy (i.e. tax) is the single most effective way to make a difference (**in international shipping).

Engineering-based solutions are not something to discount, but there are many barriers in this world compared to shore-based implementations. CO2 taxes will certainly incentivise the more practical solutions and reduce the hand-waving.

As a de-facto international business with a strong regulatory framework, I think that shipping has the potential to show the world the way when it comes to decarbonisation.


@jstat thank you!
Your opinion has indeed solid grounds, CO2 taxes might accelerate the retrofit of dual fuel technologies if it makes sense financially.
It might be cheaper to retrofit alternative fuel technologies than paying the CO2 tax; but it might as well not be.
What would also be interesting to see is how the Emissions Trading System will affect all of the above.

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