Incinerator best practices

What are some of the best practices to maintain the incinerator of a ship in good condition?


Hi @Stela.Spiraj, here are some best practices that incinerator manufacturers recommend:

  • Ensure that the incinerator chamber air inlets and outlet are clear and that the burner parts are kept clean. Check them daily before starting in the morning, and clean as necessary.
  • Do not turn off the main power before the chamber temperature drops below 170°C.
  • If you experience any issues with high temperatures in the combustion chamber, flue gas, or sludge dosing control, replace the dosing pump stator.
  • If you have a single-tank system, do not transfer sludge to the service tank while burning it as this could damage the refractory.
  • Heat the sludge overnight at minimum, without starting the circulation pump. Drain off the free water the next morning before starting the sludge program.
  • Do not load glass, lithium batteries, or spray cans into the incinerator. Large quantities of oily rags or filter cartridges may damage the flue gas fan.
  • Inspect the cooling jacket every six months (open the eight cover plates) and clean it with steam or hot water as needed.
  • Always read the instruction manual and do not alter any settings unless instructed by the manufacturers.