Moving up the value chain (in the context of career development)


I came across an article discussing Singapore’s remarkable progress in the manufacturing industry over the last 60 years, where it has successfully moved up the value chain.
Starting as a third-world country producing simple products such as fish hooks and matchboxes, Singapore has now evolved into a first-world nation, manufacturing high-tech aerospace equipment, semiconductors, and pharmaceuticals.

This transformation is considered a modern miracle in terms of management and financial and social development. The concept of moving up the value chain in the manufacturing industry can also be applied to individuals in their career development.

In the context of career development, moving up the value chain means taking on higher-level tasks and responsibilities, gaining new skills and expertise, and creating more value for the organization. This can lead to greater recognition, higher compensation, and more opportunities for growth and advancement.

Like Singapore’s success in the manufacturing industry, individuals can also strive to move up the value chain in their career by pursuing additional education or certifications, taking on more complex projects, seeking out mentorship or coaching, and expanding their professional network. By doing so, they can enhance their skills, stay ahead of industry trends, and increase their value to the organization.

The advent of artificial intelligent will disrupt the employment market for highly educated professionals and will pose a thread on jobs otherwise intendent for educated workforce.
The only viable solution for survival is to deepen our expertise, expand our skillset and “move up the value chain” just like Singapore did in the manufacturing sector.

Link to my inspiration: “Why Singapore needs to move up the value chain - The Woke Salaryman: