Outcome of MEPC78

What is the outcome of MEPC78?


Brief here, report to follow


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The main developements regarding air emissions of MEPC 78 held in first week of June, include

  • the revision fo the inital IMO GHG strategy with the final draft revised strategy to be considered by MEPC 80 planned for July 2023

  • new guidance on the EEXI calculation provides a method for in-service performance measurements for the definition of the vref

  • new guidance on the CII, basically considers correction factors and voyage adjustments, revised rating boundaries (dd factors) for ro-ro cargo ship and ro-ro passenger ship, revised refernece lines for some type of vessels, and the GT as capacity of ro-ro cargo ships

  • the approval of UIs for the use of biofuels related to MARPOL Annex VI and the NOx TF

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