Poseidon Principles Annual Disclosure Report 2022

Hello Queseanians,

Poseidon Principles published their Annual Disclosure Report 2022 of the Signatories, publicly demonstrating their climate alignment scores.

The 28 Signatories highlighted that data provide valuable insights. For example, in addition to a vessel’s technical characteristics, many Signatories find vessel operations an essential driver of carbon intensity, emphasizing speed.

Also, the Signatories will consider the adoption of the Revised IMO GHG Strategy expected at MEPC 80 in July 2023, including raising its ambition levels, hoping that the Annual Disclosure Report 2023 will contain reporting against both a Paris-aligned and a revised IMO-aligned trajectory.

The Signatories:

Example of the portfolio climate alignment. The diagram’s positive score (a red dot) indicates misalignment, while a negative score (a green dot) indicates alignment.

The Signatories for the reporting of 2021 scored from -12.5% to +57.3%.

Poseidon-Principles-Annual-Disclosure-Report-2022.pdf (10.0 MB)