Remote Surveys


Do you have any experience to share regarding remote surveys?
What are the challenges of conducting surveys remotely?

Hi @Stela.Spiraj ,

Remote surveys were mainly implemented during the Covid pandemic, were travel restrictions were implemented, while ship operators, were minimizing contact of shore personnel with onboard crew as part of the contingency measures to avoid spread of the pandemic.
In general, where remote surveys are conducted connectivity is an issue since, the class surveyor would normally require a “virtual” tour of the vessel to carry out the relevant surveys. Not all vessels are equipped with stable internet connections, while several compartments of the ship (for example engine control room, purifier room) might not be accessible.
In addition, since the camera is controlled by ship’s crew, on vessels’ with several defects or older ones this can be challenging for the surveyor who is carrying out the survey and some defects may not be discovered.
Ultimately, the actual time required to carry out the remote survey is rather longer, considering preparations from ship’s crew (perhaps photographs or additional tests might be required) which can disturb the operational activities of the vessel.


Fully agree with @AndreasTravlos . At the end of the day, ship’s crew and technical managers would rather prefer a physical survey!

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Interesting… I would expect witht the Digital Revolution that remote surveys might be preffered. :thinking: