Shipping Banks

Which banks are involved in Shipping today? Shipping is a very volatile and risky market and we often see a ‘shift of hands’ between banks. Are Chinese banks really taking the lead today?

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Petrofin performs a study related to this every year. It is called the ‘Petrofin Global Bank Research’. You can find the link to their latest publication below:
According to this study, BNP Paribas had the biggest exposure in Shipping at YE20 and is followed by China Exim, KfW (owned by the German state) and Bank of China. For sure, Chinese banks are gaining more and more exposure in Shipping nowadays and more general, Asian banks have increased their presence to 2017 levels while the European share of the global portfolio has declined marginally from 60% in 2019 to 58% in 2020. The small increase in Asian banks’ presence in ship finance is mainly attributed to an increase in Chinese leasing, which is expanding significantly with no signs of slowdown as of today.