Can a modern oil fueled VLCC comply with EEDI phase 3?

Queseas alert!

Can a modern oil fueled VLCC, delivered in 2022, comply with the EEDI phase 3 requirements (entering into force for new ships in 2025)?

Analysis of the attained EEDIs of 21 VLCCs delivered in 2022 has shown that:

  • Only the LNG-fueled (dual fuel) designs meet the EEDI phase 3 .
  • The attained EEDI of the modern oil fueled VLCCs has to be reduced by 9% in order to meet the EEDI phase 3.

Hydrodynamic and machinery optimizations of VLCCs have reached their limits.

Fuel switch will possibly be the only way to achieve the desired reduction in EEDI.

LNG as fuel is a widely available and robust (transitional) solution for the decarbonization of shipping.

What are your views?