ISO 8217:2024 - Specification of Marine Fuels


The ISO 8217:2024 has been recently published, replacing the existing ISO 8217:2017. You can download / purchase it from: ISO 8217:2024 - Products from petroleum, synthetic and renewable sources — Fuels (class F) — Specifications of marine fuels

The ISO 8217:2024 standard has been extensively updated to align with current industry requirements and incorporate the latest industry insights and expertise. This revision features includes two new tables: one for fuels with sulfur content at or below 0.50% (ULSFO and VLSFO) and another for bio-residual fuels. It introduces new fuel grades, revises existing ones, and eliminates some less common grades.

FAQ and interesting information can be found in the following papers by CIMAC and Singapore MPA:


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In parallel, IMO adopted amendments to SOLAS Chapter II-2 (resolution MSC.550(108), Part B - Prevention of Fire and Explosion.

These amendments refer to the probability of ignition, regulation 4, and shall enter into force on January 1, 2026.

Specifically, a new sub-paragraph 2.1.9 is added requiring that the oil fuel delivered to and used on board ships shall not

  1. jeopardize the safety of ships or
  2. adversely affect the performance of the machinery or
  3. be harmful to personnel.
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