Have you faced the alarm ‘large deviation from model curve’ in MAN electronic engines?
If yes have you found the reason of this alarm?

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Hello @Philip.Argyropoulos, the most common cause of this alarm is worn/defective HPS pump(s) proportional valve(s). Note that this alarm might appear and be reset without action but it is still a warning that probably one ore more HPS pump(s) proportional valve(s) is/are worn and have to be replaced and will most probably re-appear in the future.
After the replacement of the proportional valve a function test must be carried out in the MOP.
Mechanical failure of the HPS pumps can happen but it is quite rare.
Leakages in the hydraulic system would trigger other alarms as well.
The safest way to determine the above is to download the HPS events from the MOP and send them to MAN ES for further evaluation.