Routine maintenance of electric motors


Do you have any good advice for preventive maintenance of electric motors?


Hi Ernesto.
The best thing would be to have an ETO on the vessel.
Simple observations during his/her daily routine can save big money and downtime of equipment.
Some standard procedures for preventing induction motors from damage:

  1. replace ball bearings at proper intervals as per manufacturers recommendations
    a) pay particular attention to the type of ball bearing (closed or open), to be from an acclaimed manufacturer and install same.
    b) proper alignment with pump.

  2. complete overhaul of motor, cleaning and varnishing if required every five years.

  3. merger test 3 or 4 times per year to check that insulation is intact.

  4. vibration measurements 3 or 4 times per year to have a reference of vibration values.

  5. ensure that space heater inside the motor if fitted, is working when the motor is not in use.

  6. keep your eyes and ears sharp for daily changes in motors amperage and noise/vibrations.

  7. check temperature on motors body and confirmation of adequate ventilation.

  8. check once in a while that motor protection actually works and can trip the motor.


Thank you!