Ship Collisions

How can someone calculate the critical energy released from a ship to ship collision, which results in hull openings? Are there any specific regulations and papers referring to this topic ?

Good evening,
This is an interesting topic.
You may refer to the below:

  1. The research on ship collision analysis is well summarized in the paper authored by renowned professionals in the field. You may use it to find other sources as well.
    Recent developments in ship collision analysis and challenges to an accidental limit state design method - ScienceDirect.

  2. UK Health and Safety Executive report “Collision Resistance of Ship-Shaped
    Structures to Side Impact”, which is based on real ship collision

  3. “Towards a unified methodology for the simulation of rupture in collision and grounding of ships” .N. Marinatos, M.S. Samuelides (2015)

  4. Guidance Notes for Collision Analysis by LR (it can be downloaded from the LR website)

  5. “The mechanics of ship collision”. A well written PhD thesis on the topic (Zhang, DTU, 1999)