EU ETS voyage calculation


Would appreciate if someone could assist regarding the below queries.

What is the guidance to calculate the distance between a non-EU port to an EU port and vice versa?

  1. Is it ( Full away on Passage (FAOP) till End of Sea Passage(EOSP), or
  2. Last line from the Non-EU port to the First line to the EU Ports

What is the guidance to calculate the fuel consumption during the Port Stay? Is it between the times from the first line to the port to the last line from the port?

In case any vessel arrives from a non-EU port and drops anchor for 20 hours (in the port limit of that EU port) before she goes to the EU port to discharge cargo. Those 20 hours of fuel consumption shall be under the port consumption or it shall be under voyage consumption.


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Hello @Mhaque!

The distance between ports is considered to be what is measured by vessel’s GPS (distance over ground).
As for the events that set the time frame of the voyage duration and the berth duration, those are the 1st berth (all fast) and the last unberth (last line released).
So anything between the last unberth from port of departure to the 1st berth at port of arrival is considered voyage time, be it sailing, drifting, anchor time, maneuvering, repairs time etc.
So in your example, the consumption during 20hrs of anchor time will be under the voyage consumption.
All these details should be quite clearly available in an approved MRV plan, for easy reference by anyone involved, onboard or ashore.


Thank you so much!!!