How to calculate AER & CII, if distance is Zero?

How to calculate AER & CII, if the vessel has not Travelled any distance. ? its a Tanker and has not made any voyages, but the had consumed fuel on anchorage, hence we have submitted the IMO DCS fuel consumption data and got it approved for the year 2021. now what to put in place of ‘Distance travelled’ in AER formula ? does CII apply for this kind of vessels ?as this Tanker and above 5000GT.


I have the same issue exactly. It was probably used as a FSO. But will it be an exemption to the CII?


Hello @aerosudharsan . This is a good question. For the time being there are no correction factors for deducting waiting time in port or at anchor. Such factors were not included in the attached G5 guidelines adopted in June 2022.
However, the general feeling is that these factors will be reconsidered in the next revision of the guidelines.
MPEC.355(78) - CII GUIDELINES CII G5 (Correction Factors and Voyage Adjustments).pdf (1.2 MB)


Hi Queseanians,

In April 2022, the Correspondence Group on Carbon Intensity Reduction (MEPC 78/7/11) highlighted the need for further consideration of proposed correction factors and voyage adjustments for use in the CII calculation mechanism.

When fuel is consumed for the generation of auxiliary power, but there is no distance traveled, there is an adverse impact on the ship’s CII rating.

The same effects on the CII rating result from periods of no commercial activities, like waiting for drydock or layed-up.

However, two proposals relating to waiting time were rejected, possibly because of

  • the amount of work necessary to develop other correction factors
  • the short time available
  • resource limitations

The next MEPC is scheduled to take place on December 2022, and probably this topic will be addressed again.