MAN M/E HPS (hydraulic power supply) pressure build-up time

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What is the recommended HPS pressure build-up time with one start-up pump, in MAN ES Main Engines?

You can find complete details regarding the time build up requirements in Accumulator hand book :open_book: which is published by MAN B&W pls explore this on their website for the copy. It’s made available for public viewing

Check out this guide.
This is what you have been looking for.
1. Troubleshooting guide for ME hydraulic system…pdf (81.0 KB)

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When you are dealing with a leak free system the pressure build up time from 0 bar to the system’s set point (225 bar in standstill for a 300 bar system) is amazingly fast.
Sometimes below 15 seconds with one electrical driven hydraulic pump in operation…
In general everything below 30 seconds is acceptable.
However in order to evaluate the system’s hydraulic integrity it is advisable to monitor and measure the decay time.

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