Questions about CII/SEEMP III

Can someone please explain this table regarding the years in the seemp iii?


Hi Iro,
If I am noy wrong, for the SEEMP - Part III you will need to give the estimated CII for next 3 years, and see the rating your vessel will have that 3 next years if you operate it in the same way.
For the table you marked, could it means the reference line for next 3 years (that is more restrictive year by year)??
Sorry, but maybe other person have it more clear.

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@jblanco yeah but there is this table twice.
The first time is showing year-1, year-2, year-3 and then all the columns make sense regarging to what is expected in the seemp iii.
But then the below that I have marked is showing year, year+1, year+2 and only the required CII. Is there some requirement that I am missing?

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Hello Queseanians,

The 2022 Guidelines for the development of Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) describe that the Part III of the Ship Operational Carbon Intensity Plan should include a paragraph regarding the Required CII for the ship for each of the next three years, calculated following regulation 28 of MARPOL Annex VI and the relevant guidelines (MEPC.337(76) & MEPC.338(76))

Starting from 2023 for the CII, the updated SEEMP (or SEEMP Part III or enhanced SEEMP or revised SEEMP) shall be in place.

Therefore, at the highlighted field, the Required annual operational CII of the vessel should be calculated and included.

For example, starting from 2023, the Required CII for the years 2023, 2024, and 2025 should be listed in that table (in blue font the example).



So accordingly this will be the years above right?

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Correct @Iro for the initial issuance of the SEEMP III that’s the case, and for that years, you may right N/A for the CII fields.

As years will pass by, that table will be updated and will be a historical record of the CII rating of the vessel.


Thank you @Stela.Spiraj.

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Year -3>2020, Year -2>2021, Year -1>2022, Year> 2023(Year for which the plan applies), Year +1>2024, Year +2>2025

Basically Last 3 years CII track & next 2 years Target. which will give a clear picture if the vessel is improving or not.