SIGTTO Recommendations for Valves on Liquefied Gas Carriers

Hello Queseanians!

This week, SIGTTO’s released the second edition of its valve recommendations for liquefied gas carriers.

The purpose of this document is to guide in minimizing incidents like valve damage or malfunction. It provides recommendations for designing valves and assemblies, selecting materials, and offers advice on maintenance and inspection procedures.

Type A and B valve example

Type C valve example

You can dowload the guide here:
sigtto-2023-recommendations-for-valves-on-liquefied-gas-carriers.pdf (13.9 MB)

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Thank you very much for uploading of interesting document.
This document 2.2.1 display type of various cryogenic valves (even if stated with “but not limited to”).
And seems that needle valve is missing while needle valve is used for purging and sampling purpose.
Number of needle valve used on a LNGC reaches almost 400 unit, from 20 years ago.
Previously ball valve was used then operators fall in leak problem due to plane-contact between ball and body…
Once needle valve applied on the purpose, linear-contact between stem and body reduces leak considerably.
Then needle valve rest as standard in the market.
Therefore, undersigned who worked in design and newbuilding supervisor think better to describe needle valve in column 2.2.1 at next revision of this document.