TMSA audits

What are is the usual documentation / information requested by TMSA (Tanker Management Self Assessment) auditors before a TMSA office audit at a tanker management company?

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A common list would be the following, but each company and auditor have different requirements

*Company’s organogram
*fleet list
*various policies (eg MOC procedure, incident investigation procedure, manning requirements, training requirements and schedule)
*samples of internal ship reports, incident investigation reports


I agree with Christos, each auditor has different requirements and might ask for different documents.
The stricter ones, would normally request for a lot of documentation about 1 month before the audit.
Apart from what Christos mentioned, we have seen cases of TMSA auditors requesting the below documents:

  • Complete SMS of the Company.
  • KPI’s (included in the MRM)
  • Internal audit reports.
  • Appraisal reports for key shore based personnel
  • Ship audit reports carried out by shore personnel (navigation, mooring, engineering)
  • Reports of management visits onboard .
  • Records of drills and trainings provided onboard.
  • Cyber security policy.
  • Ship/shore planning matrix
  • List of critical equipment.
  • Health awareness campaigns.
  • Samples from: passage plans and UKC calculations, lube oil analysis reports, bunker transfer plans, bunker line pressure tests, cargo transfer plans, UMS checklists, hot work permits, enclosed space permits, risk assessments for critical equipment out of operation, fuel oil analysis reports, onboard work planning meetings, pre-arrival and pre-departure checklists, reported defects.
    (the above list is not exhaustive)


This is a list of documents frequently requested by TMSA auditors, prior an audit.
TMSA Documentation required.pdf (114.4 KB)