TMSA requirements for incident investigation and analysis

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The TMSA review for incident investigation and analysis will have to ensure that the Company has established and maintains reliable procedures for uniformly communicating, examining, scrutinizing, and chronicling safety and environmental incidents and breaches of regulations.

These procedures should include arrangements for reporting significant close calls. The following areas will be evaluated:

  • Procedure for prompt investigation of an incident or accident.
  • Identification of the individuals accountable for reporting an incident, authorizing and carrying out the investigation, and launching ensuing corrective measures.
  • Guidance given on the categorization of all incidents in accordance with the OCIMF marine injury reporting guidelines.
  • Instruction offered to personnel with this obligation on incident investigation.
  • How the underlying causes and elements adding to an incident or accident are recognized, and what measures are taken to decrease the possibility of a reoccurrence.
  • Provision for identifying the steps necessary to reduce the risk of related incidents.
  • How incident and accident investigation findings are maintained and occasionally evaluated to determine where management systems, standards, procedures, or practices need improvement.
  • Techniques for deciding if communication is needed with industry groups (such as classification societies or equipment manufacturers) to avoid comparable incidents on other vessels.
  • How experiences acquired from an incident or close call investigation are shared among the fleet and used to enhance safety and environmental performance.
  • Confirmation that the Company’s SMS necessitates a thorough investigation of accidents and incidents, and instances of such investigation reports.
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