TMSA requirements for recruitment and management of vessel's personnel

The recruitment and management of vessel personnel will undergo verification by examining policies, procedures, and guidance, supported by relevant documented evidence. The following aspects will be assessed:

  • Validity of certificates of competency and currency of pre-employment records.
  • Evaluation of the authenticity and adequacy of certificates of competency according to the applicable standards outlined in the STCW code. Additional measures will be taken, if necessary, to determine the competence of vessel personnel and the accuracy of their pre-employment records.
  • Establishment and fulfillment of medical requirements for staff during their appointment and on an ongoing basis.
  • Implementation of an appraisal system that establishes criteria for promotions and outlines succession planning requirements.
  • Identification and documentation of follow-up training needs, along with maintaining records of course attendance, seminars, and conferences.
  • Accurate recording of working hours for key personnel, with management monitoring these records to ensure sufficient rest periods.
  • Emphasis on staff continuity, particularly retaining senior officers in their designated roles.
  • Provision of adequate resources to administer crew employment conditions, including personal needs and requirements.
  • Clear specification of the common language to be used onboard vessels to enable effective communication among all crew members, particularly in emergency situations.
  • Company policy addressing officer experience onboard with reference to the OCIMF manning matrix.
  • Briefing and debriefing of senior staff by the managing office.
  • Adherence to terms and conditions of employment, including compliance with relevant agreements such as the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) or Collective Bargaining Agreements where applicable.
  • Company compliance with STCW95 requirements or more recent legislation, such as the International Labour Organization (MLC 2006), encompassing aspects like fatigue management, training, shipboard familiarization, and medical certification.
  • Provisions for increasing manning levels beyond normal standards when deemed necessary