TMSA requirements for maintenance and performance management

Maintenance and performance management is an important element of the TMSA review process. It is essential to verify that a sound management system has been established which is able to demonstrate that technical issues associated with fleet management are managed in an efficient manner. Verification will be carried out by sighting policies, procedures and guidance, along with supporting documented evidence as applicable:

  • The technical line management structure for the maintenance of the controlled fleet.
  • The Company’s policy for planned maintenance.
  • The Company’s policy for voyage repairs.
  • Procedures for maintenance/condition reporting and identification of critical equipment.
  • Budget control policy/procedures.
  • Ship performance indicators.
  • That the structural integrity of all vessels in the fleet is maintained through an appropriate monitoring programme.
  • That all relevant vessel certification remains valid.
  • That the steps required to achieve safe operation of all onboard equipment is defined.
  • That timely support and availability of approved and/or fit-for-purpose spares, materials and other resources necessary to carry out maintenance procedures, including reconciliation procedures are ensured.
  • That maintenance records and reports are consistently available, both on board and in the shore-based management office.
  • Procedures for monitoring class-condition reports, which provide an overview of the state of specific onboard equipment is established.
  • That Superintendents conduct routine vessel inspections and confirm that planned maintenance has taken place.
  • A defect-reporting and close-out system that can be monitored both on board and ashore are established.
  • A formal process for notifying shore management when critical equipment is taken out of service and that it includes methods for recording management’s approval of any mitigating steps introduced while the equipment is out of service.