CII/ Vessel leaving Company

What is the procedure that must be followed concerning CII, when a vessel changes Company?

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Hi @Natalia.Kleopa

In case of transfer of the ship from one company to another, all relevant data necessary for the calculation of the attained annual operational CII should be submitted by the former company to the receiving company within one month after the date of transfer.

The data should have been verified by the Administration or the RO before they are transferred to the receiving company.

The format of the transfer will be standardized by the relevant regulation and the receiving company can use it in the calculations of the attained annual operational CII for the whole year, in which the transfer takes place.

So, this could be a possible requirement during the purchase of a vessel to check the CII data because they will influence the CII rating of the new company.

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I believe that Buyers should ask for the DCS data otherwise Sellers are only obligated to provide the Class DCS SOC and Verification Report.


Hi @dsk
I agree that Buyers should ask for these data from the former company.

In case the former company does not transfer the required data, the Administration
may make the relevant data available to the receiving company from the IMO Fuel Oil Consumption Database.