IMO DCS Data Reporting

While submitting IMO DCS Data, is there any provision to deduct the fuel consumption for the days, when the vessel was in Dry Dock?



Hi @Mhaque,

In theory, during a dry dock period, the vessel should ideally have zero fuel consumption for propulsion. If you are referring to the consumption from the ship’s generators, this data is currently reported in the DCS. However, it’s worth mentioning that there may be upcoming draft amendments that could introduce a dedicated field for recording consumption when the ship is not in active operation.

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I was wondering about the period before and after the dry docking. For example, if a vessel is taken off from her service on the 1-Sep-2023. She was at anchorage from 1-Sep-2023 till 9-Sep-2023, prepared herself for the forthcoming DD, then in the DD from 10-sep-2023 to 18-Sep-2023. From 19-Sep-2023 till 30-Sep-2023, she continued her repair works at anchorage. Finally she sailed out on 1-Oct-2023.

My question is do we have any option to deduct the fuel consumption for the period 1-Sep-2023 to 9-Sep-2023 and 19-Sep-2023 till 30-Sep-2023, when she was at the anchorage.

Hello @Mhaque
Not really. This consumption cannot be deducted as per current DCS regulations.
On the reporting form it should seem as a prolonged ballast voyage with relatively short distance travelled.

Regulatory provisions to deduct fuel exist only in regards to CII calulations, as corrections on CII most importantly for consumptions for cargo heating/discharging (oil tankers scope).
In any case, fuel consumption of any origin and for any means, should be fully reported.


Thank you.