IACS Guidelines for the EEXI Implementation (IACS Rec.172 June 2022)

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IACS developed these Guidelines about the EEXI Implementation in response to the Resolutions MEPC.333 (76), MEPC.334 (76). The Rec.172 was published on June 22.

The document includes valuable guidance for the proper selection of values as the Vref and SFC, as well as the supporting documentation.

Regarding the SHaPoLi/EPL, it is clarified that strictly speaking there is no mandatory requirement to retrofit a new control system from the bridge provided in any critical operating condition (such as adverse weather, piracy, traffic separated zone, maneuvering), other than normal seagoing, the engine control room will be manned as per ship’s safety management system procedures.

Also, for the SHaPoLi system and the control unit discussions for the limitation of the power transmitted by the shaft to the propeller(s), it is clarified that if this control is independent of the engine automation, the following shall be satisfied:

  • Override of limitation is indicated by giving an alarm on the bridge, clearly informing the ship’s master or OICNW
  • In case of exceedance, the ship’s master or OICNW manually reduce the power within the limit
  • In case of deliberate use of power reserve, data recording to commence automatically
  • The data recording device

The OMM should clearly define this confirmation of the alarm as a deliberate action in agreement with the relevant requirements.

IACS Rec.172 EEXI Implementation Guidelines


IACS Rec.172 accepted ShaPoLi systems with a manual control system independent of the engine automation which - strictly speaking - is not directly in line with the MEPC where the limitation of the maximum shaft power shall be achieved by technical means. Do you know if Flag Administration have accepted ShaPoLi systems with this specification?

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The Greek, Liberian, Bahamas and Marshall Islands Flag Administrations have approved SHAPOLI systems with manual control system independent of the engine automation, as per IACS Rec. 172.

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