Sea trial corrections

Which method is considered as the most accurate and fair for speed/power corrections during sea trials of newbuilding vessels?

Hi @Paraschos.Liadis

Following the 23rd ITTC, “The Specialist Committee on Speed and Powering Trials” includes a useful comparison table of the sea trials corrections items considered by different methods.

After 2015, ISO 15016:2015 Guidelines for the assessment of speed and power performance by analysis of speed trial data, is widely used.

@Stela.Spiraj thank you for the interesting feedback. I think that the use of correction method ISO 15016:2015 is mandatory for the calculation of the EEDI points only and that most shipyards prefer to use the ISO 15016:2002.

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Correct @Paraschos.Liadis :sweat_smile:

For “new ships” as definded by MARPOL Annex VI for the scope of the EEDI, the contracted ship’s speed and the ship’s speed for EEDI are determined for stipulated conditions and at specific draughts (contract draught and/or EEDI draught) and thats the use of the ISO 15016:2015.

ISO 15016:2015 is the 2nd edition (revised edition of ISO 15016:2002) of the international standard for Speed Trial Analysis published in April 2015

This standard is a more advanced and transparent method than other analyses of speed trials whereas, the 2002 edition is considered too complicated and with ambiguous results.

Let me share here also a comparison between the two editions

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