Shorter starboard anchor chain on suezmaxes

Skimming through anchor chain plans for a suezmax Vessel I noticed that the port chain was longer than the stbd chain by 27.5m. Is there any particular (operational) purpose for that or could this be considered as a design feature of the vessel as designed and built by a specific yard?

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As per IACS, the total length of both anchors’ cables combined is been determined from one equation being called the “Equipment Number”.
Basis to that Equipment Number (EN) and through a table we find that total length.
If the total length gives us an odd number of cables, the division in two give us an anchor with one less cable.


Eleni reply is exactly correct.
Total length required is coming from EN calculation.
One shot is 27.5 m.
Our newbuilding of VLCC at DSME and SHI have same length at PORT and STBD.
Our newbuilding of LNGC at SHI have same length at PORT and STBD
Our newbuilding of LNGC at DSME have 385 m at PORT and 357 m at STBD.
Shorter length can be either PORT or STBD, no specific pattern which side is longer or shorter.